[ANSWERED] How To Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy – Meaning, Signs, Fixes

If you want your vehicle to function well without causing any trouble, its transmission is one thing you need to give utmost importance to. This is because a car’s transmission is responsible for driving your vehicle smoothly.

However, you will be in big trouble when you encounter a problem with your car’s transmission, like the ones I have explained in this blog on common transmission problems with the Mazda CX 5.

On top of that, replacing your car’s transmission would cause a huge dent in your bank account, so resetting your vehicle’s transmission control module is always a good idea.

If you are facing problems with your Chevy’s transmission control module and are wondering, “How to reset transmission control module Chevy?” this guide has you covered.

I have compiled this comprehensive write-up for you, touching on the location of the transmission control module in your Chevy. I will also provide you with some signs to recognize a bad transmission control module, along with taking you through some simple steps you should go through to reset it.

What is the Transmission Control Module? How Does It Work?

The transmission control module of a vehicle is responsible for interpreting information from the sensors. Some of the sensors that work in association with the control module include the pedal sensor, throttle position sensor, turbine sensor, and fluid temperature sensor.

These sensors send all the information to the Transmission Control Module (TCM), which interprets the data and calculates gear shifting. The TCM, thus, ensures the utmost efficiency of the vehicle. 

In addition to ensuring peak performance by the vehicle, TCM also plays a role in determining or detecting any problems with your car’s transmission. Once it detects a malfunction, it ensures to inform you of the issues via the dashboard lights, such as the engine light, car with a key symbol, etc. 

Where Can You Find the Transmission Control Model in a Chevy? 

Now that you know the transmission control module and its function in your car let me tell you about the location of the TCM in a Chevy. It’s because to be able to fix the issue with a component in your car, you first need to know where to find it.

As far as the location of the TCM in your Chevy is concerned, it varies depending on the type of vehicle you own. Though the exact location varies depending on the Chevy model you have, some of the places you can look around in your car to locate the TCM include:

  • The battery of your car.
  • The center console inside the car.
  • Below is the engine control module at the back of the transmission case.

How to Determine/Trace a Bad Transmission Control Module?

Before moving towards the reset part, it’s important for you first to know the signs and symptoms that can help you trace a bad transmission control module in your Chevy.

Unlike other major issues with your car that are generally easier to figure out, thanks to the warning lights, there is no warning light for a bad control module. But don’t worry; I have listed down some signs and symptoms for you to trace a bad transmission control module in your Chevy.

  • Poor Fuel Economy

The first sign you need to look out for if you want to figure out whether the transmission control module in your Chevy has gone bad is your car’s fuel economy. If you have noticed poor fuel economy in your car for some time, this is the biggest sign for resetting the transmission control module.

I am associating fuel economy with the condition of the TCM because the transmission control module, as I already explained earlier, plays a crucial role in making your vehicle perform at its utmost efficiency.

However, if there are some problems with the TCM of your car, it won’t be able to reach the fuel efficiency needed, ultimately leading to poor fuel economy.

  • Problems with Gear Shifting

If you are facing issues while shifting gears in your vehicle, it’s a sign for you to get the transmission control module checked. As the gears are linked with TCM and ensure smooth gear shifting, problems with the transmission control module can make it hard for you to shift gears.

  • Stuck at Neutral Gear

Another sign of a bad transmission control module is your vehicle frequently getting stuck in the neutral gear. This happens because of the lack of efficiency the TCM provides to shift gears. You might also encounter a problem where you are shifted to the incorrect gear. Finding it hard to shift to higher gears is also a sign of a bad transmission control module.

  • Check Engine Dashboard Light

Though there is no warning or dashboard light made specifically for any problem with the transmission control module of your car, a check engine light, however, can be a symptom of this issue.

The check engine light can appear on your vehicle’s dashboard for several other reasons, including engine overheating, sensor issues, etc. However, it’s still a good idea to check the transmission control module of your vehicle upon seeing this warning light.

How To Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy?

Unlike other transmission problems with your Chevy needing professional help, resetting the transmission control module isn’t complex.

Even if you are a beginner and have never handled any of the issues with your vehicle before, you can reset the TCM in your Chevy after seeing a couple of videos and reading some guides on it.

But why go anywhere else when I have listed all the steps you need to go through for resetting the transmission control module in Chevy here for you!

  • Tools Required

Fortunately, you don’t need any tools or equipment to reset the transmission control module of your vehicle. All it needs is focus and patience; you will be ready. 

Step #1: Turn the Key to On 

Start by putting your vehicle’s key in the ignition. No, don’t start your vehicle just yet. You only need to move the key to the on position. If your car has an ON/OFF button, simply press it once to start the car.

To ensure you have done the first step right, check for the dashboard lights and the air blowing out of the vehicle. If the lights are on, you are on the right path. Similarly, if you hear two clicks from your vehicle, rest assured that the first step is performed correctly.

Step #2: Push Down the Gas Pedal

Now that you have turned the key to the “On” position or have started your car push the gas pedal down. Don’t press it too hard, and keep your grip light.

Push the pedal all the way to the end until it can no longer be pushed down. Once you do this, the kick-down switch will be turned on. Keep pushing the pedal down in the same position for a few seconds.

Step #3: Turn the Key to “Off”

With your foot still pushing the pedal down, turn the key to the “off” position. Ensure not to move your foot from the pedal at this stage, as doing so will release the pressure, and you will have to start all over again.

Step #4: Lift the Pressure

After putting the key in the off position, gradually lift your foot from the pedal. Don’t rush it, and slowly lift the foot from the gas pedal to gradually release pressure. Stay away from the key when doing this.

Step #5: Hang In There for 5 Minutes

Now that you are done with all the steps wait for at least 5 minutes. During this time, your car’s transmission control module will reset.

Step #6: Take Your Chevy for a Drive

Your Chevy’s transmission control module is successfully reset. Now, to program the module and make it remember your driving patterns, take your car out for a drive. Ensure you drive the same way you did before so your control module remembers your driving patterns correctly.

Note: Check out the below YouTube video to learn more about resetting the transmission control module in a Chevy.

Final Thoughts

Your Chevy is all set to rock on the road now! In this guide, I have provided you with a brief introduction to the transmission control module, including the role it plays in the car and its location.

I have also provided you with a list of signs and symptoms indicating a bad transmission module and the steps you need to take to reset the transmission control module in your Chevy. Hopefully, you won’t struggle with a bad transmission control module any longer.

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