[Fixed] Nissan Qashqai Chassis Control System Fault

You are driving your Nissan Qaqshai when you suddenly come up with a message that “Chasis Control System Fault” and you start to panic about what this warning means and whether can you drive with this fault or not. Therefore in this article, we will explore several possible reasons that cause this fault and tell you some tips and tricks to solve this problem.

What Does Nissan Qashqai’s “Chassis Control System Fault” Mean?

The Nissa Qashqai chassis control system fault means that there is some problem with the car chassis. Mostly it is connected to the start/stop system. It is a management system that makes the engine start and stop without drawing the power from the battery of the car. It is the necessary part of the vehicle that gathers the data about the speed of the wheel and acceleration etc. which prevents the pressure even in the rough areas.

4 Reasons Behind The Nissan Qashqai Chassis Control System Fault:

Like other electronic systems of your car sometimes the chassis system also stops working. So what are the main reasons? Here are some of the causes behind the chassis control system error.

1. Battery Failing

One of the primary issues that’s possible is that the battery in your Qashqai has begun to fail if it’s older than four years and you haven’t replaced it which can result in several issues, such as your Nissan Qashqai’s control system malfunctioning. This seems to be among the primary reasons for this error message.

2. Loose connection of the battery

A loose connection at the battery terminals is another common reason for why this error message appears. Your Nissan might not be able to draw enough power from the battery if the connections are loose, which might lead to a system fault car not starting. Less power to the electrical systems will result in malfunctions or improper operation of the car’s electrical components and sensors, including the chassis control system.

3. The low voltage of the battery

Another reason that can cause this message to appear is the low voltage of the battery. Your car battery may develop corrosion or dirt accumulation over time, or it may be possible that your battery is dying. Additionally, you’ll find that your car won’t start properly or that some electrical components, particularly the chassis control system, aren’t working properly. This system will then stop working and the warning message will appear on the dashboard.

4. ABS sensor failure

Your automobile will remain steady during braking due to the combination of the ABS module and sensors. Since its purpose is to monitor wheel speed, ABS sensors are sometimes known as wheel speed sensors. The ABS sensor keeps an eye on the wheels’ rotation and speed and when there is ABS sensor failure then it will lead to this message. 

How To Fix Chassis Control System Fault

Repairing a Nissan Qashqai’s chassis control system issue can be challenging, therefore getting expert assistance is advised. Nonetheless, the following broad actions can be performed if you want to know how to fix the Chassis control system fault:

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1. Component replacement

The technician can swap out the malfunctioning part once the problem has been located. This might require resetting the system and changing a sensor or wire.

2. Change the battery

You can jumpstart your car with the use of a second battery, battery booster, or jumper wire. You should not turn off your car’s engine since doing so will prevent your battery from receiving a charge. Distilled water can be added to the plates to flood them and provide a broader response area when the electrolyte level is low. lace dirty and dead battery.

3. Fix the battery connection

To fix this issue, adjust the battery cable if a loose battery connection is the cause. Tightening the positive or negative cable of your battery connection is a simple task that may be completed by drivers with basic screwdriver or wrench skills. To tighten the connection, just spin the nut that is typically linked to the battery terminal.


A malfunction in a Nissan Qashqai’s Chassis control system could indicate a major problem that has to be fixed right away. Drivers can uphold the safety and optimal performance of their Nissan Qashqai by being aware of the reasons behind the malfunction.

Hopefully, the next time you face any issues with the Chassis control system fault, you will know exactly how to fix it.

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