How To Tell The Age Of Hankook Tires [Comprehensive Guide]

One of the vital components of the vehicle is its tire, which ensures its optimal working and performance. It’s important to understand the age of tires to know how to maintain them and when it’s time to get new ones.

In this article, we will look at some important ways to determine Hankook tire age, how long they can last, information about the tire date code, and provide answers to some common questions from customers.

The Importance of Knowing Tire Age:

Before we figure out the average age of the Hankook tire, we must know why it is important to have this knowledge. Tires may wear or tear after a certain period which is influenced by certain factors such as, how the tires are maintained are taken care of, climate and weather changes, and driving styles. As time passes, the rubber material of the tires begins to wear out which affects the overall working and performance of the vehicle.

Normally it is recommended by the manufacturers to get the tires replaced if a certain period has passed independent of whether it has been worn or torn down.

Therefore it is essential to know tire age so that one can make a timely decision thereby ensuring vehicle safety and working.

One must know the tire age as it ensures optimal working of the vehicle, you can also estimate the age by looking for the DOT code imprinted on every tire. The average life span is around 6 years and it is advised to replace the tires once they cross a tread depth of 4/32 of an inch.

However, factors like proper maintenance, driving style, and climate changes may affect tire endurance. Hence you are advised to follow manufacturer guidelines to experience safe driving.

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Understanding the DOT Code for Hankook Tire Date Codes:

If you want to figure out the age of Hankook tires then you should look for the Department of Transportation (DOT) code that is imprinted on every tire. It is a 4-digit code that is located on the outside surface and it shows the manufacturing date of the tire.

Follow the steps listed below to determine the age of Hankook tires;


The first step is to look for the DOT code on the sidewalls of your tire. It is a sequence of numbers that usually starts with the letter “DOT.”

Interpreting the First Two Numbers:

If your tire has a code that starts with digits 0519, then the first two digits of the DOT code indicate the week of manufacturing. For example in the present case, it shows that the tire was manufactured in the 5th week.

Interpret the Final Two Digits:

The last two digits of the DOT code show the year of manufacturing for example the code, 0519 shows that the tire was made in the year 2019.

Assemble the information provided:

If we assemble all the information that we have, then it will tell us the age of the tire. For example, the code 0519, shows that the tire was made in the fifth week of the year 2019.

Why the DOT Code Is Important:

DOT Code is important because it serves as a record for time, it tells you to determine the age of your tire. This data tells us how long the tire will last and when to replace it.

Hankook Tire Lifespan:

Hankook is known for making tires that have a longer average life span but several reasons might affect tire endurance.

When you are considering the lifespan of Hankook tires must keep the following points in mind:

Driving Conditions:

Tire life expectancy is greatly influenced by the way you are driving the vehicle. Your tires may wear early if you are driving in extreme environments, starting and stopping often, and driving aggressively.


If you are maintaining your vehicle regularly then it will add years to the average life span. inflation, tire rotations, and alignments need to be taken care of on a routine basis to avoid wearing tires.


Weather changes have a big impact on how long tires last. No matter whether it is extremely hot or cold, extreme temperature changes may affect rubber compounds in tires.

If tires remain exposed to such a climate for a prolonged period, it will cause them to wear out early, and their overall lifespan will be affected as a result.

Manufacturer Recommendations:

Usually, guidance and suggestions are provided by Hankook, related to the estimated lifespan of tires. You are advised to follow this guidance to know when to replace the tires to ensure the optimal working of your vehicle. 

Thread life:

For maximum safety and optimal performance, Hankook advises that one should go for tire replacement when the tread depth reaches 4/32 of an inch, even though the legal minimum tread depth is 2/32 of an inch.

How Long Do Hankook Tires Last?

All the factors mentioned above will contribute to determining how long Hankook tires can work at their best. Normally, Hankook tires are changed every 6 years. It is advised to consider the tire’s age as it plays a significant role in determining both its general condition and safety.

Factors Influencing the Lifespan of Hankook Tires:

 Several factors influence the average lifespan of Hankook Tires:

  1. Tire Type: 

The particular kind of tire, like the entire season, summer, or winter tires, can impact their life expectancy.

  1. Driving Conditions:

 A factor that greatly affects the durability of the tires is the way you handle the vehicle while driving. Forceful driving and overweight can add to early tire wear.

  1. Storage Conditions:

To keep the tire rubber in good condition, store it properly, away from direct sunlight and in extreme temperatures.


Determining the age of Hankook tires is a basic yet important process that guarantees the ideal performance and working of your vehicle. You can easily determine the week and year of tire production by looking at the DOT code that functions as a timestamp of your tire.

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