How Long Does A Tesla Dashcam Record? [ANSWERED]

The most innovative electric cars on the marketplace are made by Tesla, and they have plenty of safety measures. The first manufacturer to use cameras with a 360-degree view around the cars was Tesla. While Tesla cars are known for their sleek design and exceptional performance, the vehicles’ hidden cameras provide a fascinating dimension to the Tesla experience. In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating world of Tesla’s onboard cameras, learning about its capabilities, secrets, and mysteries.

The Camera System of Tesla

A complex system with many cameras positioned strategically throughout the car is found on Tesla cars. These cameras have numerous uses, such as:

1. Improved Autopilot

Tesla’s camera system is crucial to the company’s capability to use its Full Self-Driving (FSD) and Autopilot functions. These functions allow the car to travel and make decisions on its own using real-time data about its surroundings collected by the cameras.

2. Sentry Mode

Sentry Mode’s security feature keeps the car and its surroundings safe while parked. Sentry Mode employs cameras to monitor the area around the car and record any unusual behavior or events.

Sentry Mode

3. Dashcam Mode

Additionally, Tesla cars are equipped with an integrated Dashcam mode that records the view from the front, side, and back of the vehicle while it is in motion using the cameras. This function supports accident-related incidents that happen while driving.

Are Telsa Cameras Always Recording?

No, Tesla does not record all the time. The primary purpose of the Tesla dashcam is safety. As stated on the Tesla Support website, your car will begin recording automatically as soon as a danger is identified. The last 10 minutes of video the Dashcam captures will be recorded and stored on a USB flash drive. However, your car must be turned on for the Dashcam to capture and save the footage. Sentry mode, which Tesla also introduced, enables recording even when your car is switched off.

Does Tesla Record While Driving?

Recently, Tesla updated features that let the user chat and communicate with anyone around who could be interfering with the car or damaging it. With the Tesla app on their phone, owners can get a 360-degree image of their car’s surroundings at all times due to all the cameras on the cars. The cameras retain footage from every angle, even if a Tesla is severely destroyed in an accident.

When The Tesla Is Not In Use, Do The Cameras Still Record?

When the car is parked and switched off, it may record any suspicious behavior due to the Sentry Mode function. There are two reasons why the car has cameras installed. One allows users to monitor their vehicles while parked and record any accidents they get into. The other one is that if a driver ignores the road while driving a Tesla, the footage is sent straight to Tesla headquarters, which enhances the company’s driver assistance features.

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Duration of Tesla Camera Recording

The time that Tesla cameras record varies according to the particular mode and the amount of storage space available in the car. The length of time that each mode records is divided down as follows:

1. Full Self-Driving and Autopilot

The cameras continually capture images of the surrounding area, whether the car is in Autopilot or Full Self-Driving mode. Tesla does not provide a fixed duration of time for recording in these modes. Instead, the system constantly deletes the oldest video to create a place for fresh records. Factors such as limited storage space and driving time affect the recording duration.

2. Sentry Mode

When the Tesla is parked and locked, Sentry Mode, the security function, monitors its surroundings. Sentry Mode captures video in 10-minute segments and stores it for you to review later. The system will preserve the related clips as “Events” if any suspicious behavior is found during this period to avoid erasing them during regular recording.

3. Dashcam Mode

Some people ask how long Tesla keeps dashcam footage. Video is continuously recorded in Tesla’s Dashcam mode which is accessible via the integrated TeslaCam mode. The system records loops of footage, and the last hour of recording is kept in a temporary folder on an external USB device. Tesla does not save your dashcam video on the cloud to protect your privacy.

4. Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of the USB device you select determines how much video Tesla’s cameras can store. Since 2020, Tesla vehicles have been equipped with USB flash drives with a 128 GB data storage capacity in the glovebox. The camera will continue recording video until its storage is full, such as if you make room by deleting clips or transferring some video to another location.

Do Tesla Cameras Record Audio As Well?

The Tesla continues to record audio and video every time it moves, even if you do not often use the Autopilot mode. Be aware that the camera can only capture video. Audio is recorded using microphones.

Final Thoughts

Video footage captured by Tesla cameras is helpful in various scenarios, ranging from potential risks while parked to dangerous road accidents. Additionally, parking mode adds an extra layer of protection if you ever give up your car to a valet. It’s easy to access recordings using the Tesla app. It’s simple to retrieve recorded footage.